NH Maple Weekend is just about a week away! March 16 & 17, 2024 This year we are joining the Tamworth Sugar House Map!

Visit all 5 sugar houses:

Have your map stamped and be entered into a drawing for a maple basket! Each sugar house will give away one basket!
While you are out visiting sugar houses, make sure you swing by Brooks Family Sugar House in Freedom as well!



Sugar House Map

Each year sugar houses around NH open their doors to share their craft with the public. Maple Weekend is a long standing tradition for sugarmakers around the state of NH. Our area is unique with the concentration of small family owned sugar houses in close proximity to each other. We all have our own unique ways of making syrup Some are wood-fired evaporators. Some are oil-fired evaporators. Most of us use a combination of sap buckets and plastic sap tubing to gather sap. Some of us use reverse osmosis to increase the sugar content before boiling and some boil sap right from the trees. What is the same about all of us is that we love to share our craft with our visitors and are passionate about maple syrup. We all feel it’s great to know where your food comes from, farm to table!

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